What You Should Know About The Portable Door

2023-03-16 18:01:45 By : Mr. Jeffrey Liang

This year, Aussie streaming service Stan is releasing The Portable Door, in collaboration with The Jim Henson Company, Screen Queensland, Create NSW, Film Victoria, Screen Australia and Madman Films. It’s a fantasy-adventure flick in the same vein as Harry Potter, except more focused on a magical business instead of a magical school.

Let’s talk about The Portable Door and what viewers can expect from the upcoming Aussie movie.

The Portable Door is a movie set in the modern day, with a spin on magic similar to Harry Potter with a bit of a similarity to The Umbrella Academy’s Temps Commission. It’s based on a book of the same name.

The organisation that The Portable Door focuses on, J.W. Wells & Co, controls coincidences. It pulls the strings internationally and aligns things in the right ways – pushing people in the right direction and making things align so that other things occur.

While all that’s going on, there are spells and magic that users can wield and cast. And then there’s The Portable Door’s… Portable door.

The door can transport the user to wherever they want to go on Earth, and is able to move anywhere the user wants. It’s a highly coveted magic item that’s controlled by J.W. Wells & Co’s boss Humphrey Wells… Until he loses it, and it’s found by organisation newcomer Paul Carpenter.

As per the film’s IMDB, the movie is led by Patrick Gibson in the role of Paul Carpenter. Christopher Walts plays Humphrey Wells, Sam Neill plays Dennis Tanner and Sophie Wilde plays Sophie Pettingel.

Additionally, Miranda Otto plays Countess Judy, Jessica De Gouw plays Rosie Tanner, Mezi Atwood plays Monty Smith-Gregg, Rachel House plays Nienke Van Spee and Chris Pang plays Casimir Suslowics.

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming film.

And here’s a slightly different trailer as released by Sky Cinema.

It genuinely looks like a lot of fun, and it’s got Aussie acting legend Sam Neill at the helm. What’s not to love?

The film will release in Australia on March 23. It’ll then stream on Stan from April 7.

You can sign up for Stan here.

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Zachariah Kelly is a writer at Gizmodo Australia.

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